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Academic Courses
All VIU 100 level courses are available for sponsorship for the 2021-2022 school year. See Mrs Larkin for more information and please review course options using the VIU search tool. 

Face to Face courses being offered at PR VIU campus:

  • Fall 2023

    • ENGL 115 face-to-face (F23R01) Mon/Wed 9-10:30 am or online asynchronous (F23W11)
    • PSYC 121 face-to-face Wed 1:30-2:30 pm  (F23R01) (plus weekly online work on the student's own schedule) or online asynchronous (F23W01)
    • SOCI 112 face-to-face Tues 1-4 pm  (F23R01) or online synchronous at the same time by Zoom (F23W01)
    • INDG 103 available online (synchronous) or also face-to-face at the same time, probably at Ahms Tah Ow, Mon/Wed/Fri noon-1 pm (F23W02)

    **Dates for Fall 2023 courses: Sept. 5, 2023- Dec. 8, 2023; exam period Dec. 11-20, 2023

    Spring 2024

    • ENGL 125 face-to-face Mon/Wed 9-10:30 am (S24R01) or online asynchronous (S24W04)
    • PSYC 122 face-to-face Wed 1:30-2:30 pm (S24R01) (plus weekly online work on the student's own schedule) or online asynchronous (S24W01)
    • GLST 100, face-to-face Tues 1-4 pm (S24R01) or online synchronous at the same time by Zoom, or online asynchronous (S24W01)
    • INDG 104 available online (synchronous) or also face-to-face at the same time, probably at Ahms Tah Ow, Mon/Wed/Fri noon-1 pm (S24W02)

     **Dates for Spring 2024 courses: Jan. 8, 2024- Apr. 12, 2024; exam period Apr. 15-24, 2024

    Intersession 2024

    INDG 300 face-to-face 1.5 to 2-week intensive in May/June, (I24R01) dates and schedule TBA


Eng 115 University Writing & Research  
This course will provide an introduction to critical thinking and reading, academic writing, and research skills, consistent with the conditions and expectations you will encounter as a reader and writer at university. 

Eng 125 Literature and Culture: Telling Stories on the West Coast  
This course will provide an introduction to the concept of literary genres and explore the relation between literature and its historical and cultural contexts. It will offer a sampling of literature from coastal B.C. and beyond ranging from first nations myths to contemporary short stories, poetry, and novels.

Geog101 Environmental Geography  
An introduction to the Earth's biophysical processes and systems at a variety of scales, and the impact of human population and land use activities. Topics include energy and biogeochemical cycles, air pollution and climate change, resource consumption and waste, limits to growth, and sustainable land use practices. Successful solutions for sustainability are also highlighted.

Phil 212 Philosophy in Literature 
A study of the works of several major figures in Existentialism and Phenomenology, including Heidegger, Arendt, Husserl, Nietzsche, Simone Weil and Camus. Some of the themes to be studied include freedom and transcendence, the phenomenological bases of action in the world, and a phenomenological understanding of evil.

Psych 111 Contemporary Psychology I 
A survey of the current status of selected areas, emphasizing the scientific approach to the study of behaviour of humans and animals. Topics include physiology, sensation, perception, learning, memory, motivation, emotion, methodology, and introduction to statistics.

Psych 112 Contemporary Psychology II 
A survey of the current status of selected areas, emphasizing the scientific approach to the study of behaviour of humans and animals. Topics include development, language and thought, personality assessment, intelligence, personality theory, adjustment, abnormal behaviour, therapies, and social behaviour.

Sociology 111 Introduction to Sociology 
An introduction to the sociological understanding of society and an exploration of how social conditions and historical context shape the life chances of individuals and groups. Topics include theoretical perspectives, culture, socialization, groups and organizations, social structure, social class, inequality, deviance and social control, gender, race and ethnicity.

Sociology 112 Canadian Society in the Contemporary World 
An introduction to Sociology through the study of Canadian society and its global context. In addition to theoretical perspectives, social class and inequality, topics may include education, family, religion, science and technology, environment, globalization, work, economy, politics, health and medicine, social movements and social change.

GLST 100 Global Studies: Through the Global Lens 
An introduction to interdisciplinary learning offering different ways of seeing and explaining contemporary human experiences. Learners study diverse human experiences through the lenses of Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Science and Sociology. Possible topics: religion and world politics; refugees and human rights; cultural diversity; economic sectors and globalization; green consumerism.

VIU Business Computer Applications QUME 185  This 1st year university course on the Brooks campus earns you 3 Vancouver Island University first year degree credits & 4 grade 12 credits. This course is one course in a student's course load. Learn complex Microsoft Office document techniques using Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access. The course is sponsored by SD47, which includes books. Credit for this course transfers to other BC universities as credit for a first year Business or Computer Science degree course. Apply for this course thru Mr. Palm & Mrs. Hutchings. Prerequisites: Business Computer Applications 12, English 11, Foundations Math 11 or Pre-Calculus 11.

Dual Credit Academic Courses NIC
SD47 and NIC have a partnership that provides students with additional transitioning opportunities. In order to register students must see Ms Larkin for a registration package. All application must run through Brooks for sponsorship to be valid. 
For all course offerings please review the NIC Dual Credit webpage.  

The timetable for the NIC 2022/2023 academic year has been released. There are different delivery options including face-to-face, digital and blended. Students who would like assistance with timetabling can book an appointment with an educational advisor here.

CE and ABE courses through VIU

Continuing Education and Adult Basic Education courses are available to non-graduated students, please connect with James Hanson ( for more information.  ABE courses are available to graduate students  wishing to upgrade or take an academic course that was not previously available to them. ABE courses are not dual credit, but are high school equivalency courses, these do count towards meeting entrance pre-requisites for post sec. SD47 can  support ABE courses through VIU, and the credits earned can support high school grad requirements.