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Students on Public Transit

August 18, 2015

​With school start up just around the corner this is a good time to remind students of the importance of safety while travelling on public transit. Below is a letter from the Management and Drivers of Powell River Transit, we hope that parents and students take some time to read through and stay safe as your travel!


Riders Guide for Students on Public Transit

Mass transit is one of the safest forms of transportation (by some estimates, buses are nearly 91 times safer than riding in an automobile!), but it is not without risks, especially for school-age children. Students need to learn to recognize and avoid these risks so they can get to and from school safely. Unlike a school bus, motorists traveling on a street with city buses do not have to stop when city buses stop to pick up and drop off students. Transit buses move away from the bus stop as soon as passengers have gotten on or off and do not supervise children crossing the street. Most bus stops are at intersections, many of which do not have a traffic light or crossing signal. For these reasons, students who travel to school on a public bus need to observe the following precautions.

  • Stay seated until the bus comes to a complete stop
  • Be alert as you get off the bus
  • Never cross the street in front of a public bus
  • Wait for the bus to pull away so that you have a clear view of the street
  • Cross at the cross walk or street corner, and wait for the light to turn green or for the WALK signal

In fact, these are good rules of thumb for every passenger on a transit bus and should be taken into consideration by all riders.

Thank you,

The Management and Drivers of Powell River Transit