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​Faces of Brooks

​Faces of Brooks began as part of Gerry Brach's Counselling Blog ( and has since taken on a life of its own. As a secondary school counsellor, and someone who is naturally curious about people, Gerry observed that "Everyone has a story that is worth sharing." His idea was to bring these stories to life by interviewing as many people in the school community as possible. In his words, "this experience has been an amazing way for me to connect with both students and staff."  Gerry plans to continue working on this project next year, one story at a time.

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​Andy Payne
​Jodi Mastrodonato
Mike Austin
Willow Dunlop
​Tony Rice
​Kim Leach
Paul Cummings​
Suzanne Burbidge 
​Jen Kennedy
Cam Miller

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Jasmin Marshman

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Michelle Doyle 

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Michael Hilleren 

Tanya Larkin 

 Staff Directory

NameJob TitleEmailWebsite
Caroline AdamSecretary 
Lori AlexanderCafeteria AssistantWebsite
Joanna AlexisTeacher 
Gerry AndersonTeacherWebsite
Maria AndersonTeacherWebsite
Sindhu BajwaClerical 
Natasha BakkerTeacherWebsite
Colleen BalzerTeacherWebsite
Krista BanghamTeacherWebsite
Ryan BarfootTeacherWebsite
Charlene BehanEducation AssistantWebsite
Alexandra BellaTeacherWebsite
Darren BennettTeacherWebsite
Bryce BiasuttiTeacherWebsite
Chris BratsethTeacherWebsite
Rachel BryantTeacherWebsite
Emmanuelle Burelli  
Maranda BurnikellTeacherWebsite
Sara CampitelliTeacherWebsite
Chris CastagnoliTeacherWebsite
Alex CaverlyTeacherWebsite
Line ChevalierTeacherWebsite
Brendan ClarkTeacherWebsite
Graham CocksedgeTeacherWebsite
Wendy Cocksedge  
Steven CramaroTeacherWebsite
Paul CummingsTeacherWebsite
Jacquie DawsonMax Cameron Theatre ManagerWebsite
Joshua deGroot  
Olga delaRosaEducation AssistantWebsite
Jennifer DidcottTeacherWebsite
Louise DominickFirst Nations SupportWebsite
Michelle DoyleVice PrincipalWebsite
Willow DunlopTeacherWebsite
Chris DunneTeacher 
Roseann DupuisTeacherWebsite
Jonathan DyckTeacherWebsite
Tammie EacottCustodian 
Eubie EdwardsTeacherWebsite
Pam EllisTeacherWebsite
Kylie EvensonEducation Assistant 
Martina FerratoEducation Assistant 
Claire FinnamoreEducation AssistantWebsite
Chantal Foucher  
Renee GerhartEducation AssistantWebsite
Robin Gibson Website
Christopher GildingTeacher 
Rachele GuntherEducation Assistant 
James HansonTeacherWebsite
Melissa HawkinsTeacherWebsite
Kris HeuckrothTeacherWebsite
Nancy HewlettTeacherWebsite
Michael HillerenVice PrincipalWebsite
Tania HobsonTeacherWebsite
Robert HolmgrenHealth Care Assistant 
Bill HopkinsEducation AssistantWebsite
Charlotte Horspool  
Selena HowellSecretary 
Mandi JohannessonEducation Assistant 
Megan KaukasTeacherWebsite
Tracy KeizerClericalWebsite
Connor KnickerbockerTeacher 
Sarah LaceyTeacher 
Tanya LarkinVice PrincipalWebsite
Kim LeachTeacherWebsite
Nathan LumleyEducation AssistantWebsite
Ashley MachinEducation Assistant 
James MackTeacherWebsite
Adam MacLaineTeacherWebsite
Peter MacRaild  
Reid MaedelSpecial Services TeacherWebsite
Jasmin MarshmanPrincipalWebsite
Jodi MastrodonatoTeacherWebsite
Emily McKeeEducation Assistant 
Ian McKendrickTeacherWebsite
Erin McKinnonEducation Assistant 
Dawn McLeodEducation AssistantWebsite
Monica McSweenTeacherWebsite
Alysha MessnerEducation Assistant 
Cam MillerTeacherWebsite
Reed MooreTeacherWebsite
Candyce MuzylowskiEducation Assistant 
Ben NelsonTeacherWebsite
Aileen O'KeefeEducation AssistantWebsite
Maria O'Keefe Website
Rosie O'NeillEducation AssistantWebsite
James PalmTeacherWebsite
Tony PapaFilm Program CoordinatorWebsite
Karina PetersTeacherWebsite
Margaret PetersEducation AssistantWebsite
Tyler PetersTeacherWebsite
Zacharie PollardTeacher 
Katelyn PotestaTeacher 
Holly PotoznyTeacher 
Kris PritchardTeacher 
Jason RaeTeacherWebsite
Ben ReimanEducation AssistantWebsite
Teresa ReimerCUPE 
Tony RiceTeacherWebsite
Jacquie ScarpelliClericalWebsite
Becky SteigerEducation Assistant 
Trevor SytnickTeacher 
Brooke TaylorClerical 
Katie TubaTeacher 
Kim UnruhCustodian 
Bernie VecseyEducation AssistantWebsite
Daniel WangTeacherWebsite
Ree WangEducation Assistant 
Sydney WightmanTeacherWebsite
Corinne WilliamsCUPE 
Jocelyn WilliamsCounsellor