Henderson Elementary School
The little school with the Big Heart

General Procedures

Promotion Policy

The concepts of continuous progress for each child will be followed. Generally, students will progress with their peers along a continuum of learning in such a way that they are allowed time to master what has been taught, and yet will be faced with the challenge of new material or the learning of new concepts. In very special circumstances, the classroom teacher, in consultation with the School-Based Team (this includes parental input), may recommend that a student be retained.

Student Progress

Each year, parents of elementary students will receive three written reports and at least two informal reports (conferences) describing their child's progress.

Parent-teacher interviews are usually held in the beginning of November and February, and at any other time when requested by parents or teachers. (Teachers may involve students in an informal progress report to parents during the informal reporting periods.)


School assemblies are held the first Friday of each month at 9:00..

Students are recognized for their work in class (e.g., achievement, citizenship, and sportsmanship).

On some occasions, students may demonstrate a particular skill or talent (e.g., skipping, dancing, etc.).

Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend assemblies.


Parents are requested to advise the school by phone of their child's absence.

It is equally important to notify the school by phone if a child is not returning to school after lunch. (A callback system--usually between 9:00 and 9:30 a.m.-- will be implemented early in the school year to ensure that your child/children has arrived safely in the morning.)


To keep parents apprised of school happenings or events, a newsletter will be sent home monthlythrough out the school year.