Henderson Elementary School
The little school with the Big Heart
A Brief History

Henderson School was the first official school in this district. It opened in 1913 at the place where there is now a playground in the Townsite. As the town grew, so did the school, and eventually other schools were built. The present Henderson Elementary School opened in 1957. The building was expanded in 1964, and part of the covered area was changed to classrooms in 1988.

The school was named after Dr. Andrew Henderson (1852-1935). He came to the town in 1890 along with his friend, Dr. D. Brooks, founder of the Powell River Company. 'Doc Henderson', as he was called, was the resident surgeon, setting up his first hospital in a tent. As a founding father and owner of the first house (on Walnut Street), 'Doc Henderson' played a prominent role in setting up an education system, as families settled and grew in the area. He remained an active secretary of the School Board as well as an important community member until his death in 1935 at age 83.

Our unique school sign is composed of a distributor roll (the 'mast') and an old mill grindstone. It contains Time Capsules put together by the pupils, and sealed in 1984. The Time Capsule is schedule to be opened in 2084 - save the date.