Henderson Elementary School
The little school with the Big Heart
How Parents Can Help

Students are expected to do homework each night. If formal homework has not been assigned, students are expected to do one or more of the following activities:

Primary (approximately 15 minutes):

  • Read a book, write in a home journal, play a board game to reinforce literacy or numerical facts, write a letter, review math facts, learn a poem, etc.
Intermediate (approximately 30 minutes):
  • Study for a test, review daily notes, work on long-term assignments or projects, research a topic, complete unfinished class work, write a letter, record experiences in a home journal, read a book, learn a poem, review math facts, etc.

Failure to complete assigned work creates problems for the child, and detracts from the teacher's task of instruction. To ensure that students do not fall behind, students who fail to complete formal homework assignments may be required to complete work during regular the lunch hour or after school.

Work Habits

To begin, students need the school supplies requested at each grade level. As the year progresses, supplies often need to be replaced and additional supplies may be requested.

Students are expected to show pride in their assignments and to work neatly in their notebooks. Each teacher will establish guidelines for notebook work.

Homework Habits

At Henderson Elementary School we believe that the home is a large part of the total learning experience for children at all age levels. Parents can begin the Homework Habit by reading with younger children every night and, as the student gains reading skills, by listening to them read. School is an active and interesting place and it is always interesting to chat with your child about daily school experiences.

For the older students daily homework may be assigned (Grade Three, up to 30 minutes and Grades Four and Five, up to 45 minutes) The time is expected to be actual time doing homework. We recognize that our students are busy and travel often makes weekend homework difficult. Therefore, homework will usually be assigned Monday through Thursday. Larger term projects may be assigned from time to time as weekend homework.

If your child encounters homework difficulties please contact the teacher via a note or a comment in the planner. Individual teachers will determine the classroom homework assignment policy that is most effective for their class.

If your child has worked on homework for half an hour and has not completed the assignment, please initial the planner and communicate with the teacher indicating why the assigned homework was not completed.

Homework Control Surfaces

We use homework in elementary school:

  • To develop good study habits.
  • To provide for individual student's learning differences.
  • To have time for further research.
  • To promote good communication between school and home.

How Parents Can Help

  • Provide the necessary supplies (dictionary, pens, pencils etc.).
  • Provide a regular study area.
  • Establish a consistent "homework time" (e.g. right after dinner).
  • Assist your child in:
    • practicing math drills, games,
    • reviewing material for tests,
    • helping with spelling lists,
    • listening to reading and reading to your child,
    • discussing topics of interest.