Henderson Elementary School
The little school with the Big Heart
Student Centre

This section of the school web site will be devoted to student information and resources, with the current collection of material expanding over time. If you have suggestions as to other types of resources you would like to see made available please forward your requests to info@sd47.bc.ca.

Henderson Students Are Caring People!

  1. We look after each other and ourselves.
  2. We are kind and treat people the way we would like them to treat us.
  3. We don't hurt other people's feelings or bodies.
  4. We keep our hands to ourselves.
  5. We use good manners at all times.
  6. We listen carefully and follow directions quickly and politely.
  7. We walk and talk quietly while in the school building.
  8. We play outside at recess and lunch unless our teacher says we can stay in.
  9. We take good care of our things, and other people's things.
  10. We keep our school and grounds clean and tidy.
  11. We make good decisions about being safe.