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After School Program

August 04, 2016

Attached is a registration form and calendar.  Please fill out the forms for each child you plan to have them attend and hand it in to the Henderson office or your home school office.  It is essential that we receive the forms back before September 9 so we have enough time to arrange for transportation, staffing, and supplies for the correct number of students.  The program will officially be open on September 19

The calendar is used to indicate which days that your child will attend.  It is essential that your child attends on those days and does not come on days when they are not signed up.  This is important for the safety of all children involved, as well as to ensure we have enough materials and staffing each day. 

There have been a number of inquiries as to why we do not accept kindergarten children.  There are a several reasons, primarily that the program is not day care, but a hands on program to provide experiential learning in subject areas such as reading, math, and science paired with fun recreational activities.  Kindergarten children are just beginning their schooling experience and there is a significant gap in their stamina (it is a long day) and academic abilities.  We also do not have the staff/student ratio to provide adequate care for younger children.

We look forward to meeting your children.  The sessions end each day at 5:00 and the pick-up time cannot be extended past that time.  No children will be allowed to attend without proper registration and sign up.