James Thomson Elementary School
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Rules & Regulations

Supervision and Student Safety

James Thomson grounds are supervised Monday through Friday by teachers, EA's and the principal during the following times:

Before classes commence - 8:45 am to 9:00 am

Recess - 10:30 am to 10:45 am
Lunch Recess - 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm
After dismissal - 2:50 pm to 3:05 pm

A reminder that the grounds are unsupervised at all other times before and after classes.

We often have sightings and see evidence of bears and cougars in our wooded area and field.

There are often times groups of older children present after school on our grounds.

To ensure your child's safety we request that students arrive at school no earlier than 8:45 am and leave by 3:00 pm.

Activities that occur before or after classes, are under the supervision of a teacher are of course encouraged and supervised.


Many children come to JT independently, by foot or bicycle. For safety reasons we require that children who ride bikes to JT;

  • Wear bike helmets while riding bikes
  • Obey the rules of the road to and from school
  • Lock their bicycles to the bike racks
  • Refrain from riding bikes on the school grounds

We allow students who ride scooters to JT to follow the rules for bicycles with the exception that they may store their scooters in their classroom cloakrooms.

Roller blades and skateboards are not permitted on JT grounds.

Pick Up and Drop Off

Parents often pick up and drop off students by car. We have an extremely limited parking lot and for safety reasons, we appreciate your cooperation in parking your car on the street to pick up and drop off students.

Please ensure your child crosses at the crosswalk if they are being picked up by car.

Please do not park in the crosswalk and obey the speed zone of 30 km when dropping off and picking up children.

​Social Responsibility  at JT

Staff Expectations of Students on the Playground

The school staff works hard to foster a caring attitude among the students (older students are encouraged to look after younger ones, etc.).

From time to time, students must be reminded not to harm anyone, either physically or verbally. Fighting of any sort, even 'play-fighting,' is forbidden, as are any activities where students could be hurt (e.g., throwing snowballs).

Problem-Solving Procedures

At James Thomson, the staff members view discipline as an opportunity for students to learn appropriate ways of interacting in a social setting. (They honor students' rights to access a broad education in all areas of the curriculum, but with these rights come certain responsibilities that students learn to understand and accept as part of their overall development.)

At James Thomson Elementary School, responsible students:

  • Use respectful behaviour and appropriate language
  • Keep their hands and feet to themselves
  • Act in a manner that makes others feel safe and comfortable
  • Are very careful when handling objects such as rocks, sticks, and snow
  • Carry out reasonable requests made by adults
  • Treat guests with the same respect shown fellow students and staff members

Minor problems are dealt with on the spot through discussion and reminders of expectations, or the possibility of logical consequences (e.g., misusing materials or equipment could lead to a loss of privileges for a specified period of time).

Students who continue to make poor choices in spite of minor consequences, or whose actions are serious enough to compromise the safety of others (or jeopardize the learning environment) will be given escalating time-outs from the playground. They may begin with a time-out period from some of their outside play time during the lunch hour. (In addition, in cases of extreme misconduct, the school reserves the right to issue in - school or out-of-school suspensions.)

The purpose of the plan is to give students many opportunities to choose socially acceptable ways to behave at school. At the same time, we want students and their parents to know exactly what the consequences of continued misbehavior will be.

"Our goal is to provide a safe learning environment where all students can do their best at all times."

Consequences at the Classroom Level

A classroom teacher may require a student to complete assignments at lunch recess in class. Consequences can be given as a result of student failure to complete assigned work (including homework), or unacceptable behaviour in the classroom.

Bus issues

Students who demonstrate poor behaviour on the bus may lose this privilege for a specified length of time. If this occurs, parents are held responsible for making alternate travel arrangements for the following day (or days). Please discuss with your child what he/she is to do if this occurs, and advise the school of your decision for that day (or those days).