James Thomson Elementary School
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Student Health

JT is not equipped to care for sick children.

We appreciate your consideration in keeping your child home if they are running a fever or have a contagious illness.

Children who become ill at school have their parents and/or alternate contacts phoned and are sent home.

If your child has a condition diagnosed by a physician that may be potentially life-threatening and/or that may interfere with your child's learning, health or behaviour, please contact the office so that we are aware and can take appropriate action.

Medical Alert forms are maintained in the office so students with special health needs, e. g. allergies to bee stings, may be monitored on a continuing basis.

Parents wishing school personnel to administer medication of any sort must have their doctor complete, sign and return a medical consent form. Forms are available from the office.

Accident Procedures

If a student suffers an injury, minor First Aid, a band-aid or ice, will be administered at the school.

If additional treatment is required parents will be contacted. If we cannot contact a parent, the Emergency Contact person indicated by the parent will be contacted.

Where neither the parent nor the Emergency Contact person can be reached, the student will be taken to the hospital for treatment unless the parents have given different instructions.

Head Lice

The presence of Head Lice does not suggest uncleanliness. A smart head louse prefers a clean head to a dirty one.

Head Lice are a nuisance, but not a serious health hazard. They are easily passed from child to child during play, at school or at sleepovers. At JT we deal with them in the following manner:

Parents of children who have lice or nits detected are contacted by phone. A letter is sent home to all students in that class to alert parents to watch for signs of Head Lice.

We provide a brochure suggesting treatments and people to contact for information on treatment.

It would be of enormous help if parents/guardians who find signs of lice in their children's hair were to inform the office immediately so that the school may take appropriate action quickly.

Please remember that anyone - teacher, parent or student, can get head lice.

Emergency Resp​onse Plan

Students practice Fire Drills and Earthquake Drills regularly throughout the year.

In the event of an earthquake or other emergency occurring during regular school hours, the following procedures will occur:

  • The buildings will be evacuated and students will be moved to the playing field.

If the building is declared safe:

  • students will be brought back to their classrooms
  • students will be dismissed at the regular time

If major damage has occurred to the building and busses are not running:

  • students will remain at school until picked up by a parent/relative, or emergency contact designate.

If directed by the Provincial Emergency Coordinator:

  • Students will be taken to the designated reception center for our area, the Italian Hall and may be collected by a parent, relative, or emergency contact designate.

​Information will be broadcast on the local radio station.