James Thomson Elementary School
You have to believe to achieve
A Short History
In 1914, five-acre parcels of land were made available for people wanting to settle in the Wildwood area.  James Thomson was one of the people who camped on the Vancouver courthouse steps for more than a month to ensure he received a land grant. The school property is part of the original grant.  The first school in Wildwood opened in 1923, with 30 pupils from Grades one to six. Additions were made and in 1931, the primary building was raised to allow for classrooms in the basement.  In 1955 the main building was constructed, commencing with the Gymnasium and two classrooms. Further classrooms were added in 1958.  The student population reached a peak in 1990, with approximately 375 students enrolled in Grade K through 7.  The present enrolment is approximately 290 students.

In 1986, with the assistance of the Tla'amin Nation, an afternoon language enrichment class was begun at Tla'amin for Kindergarten students. Our First Nations language instruction and culture are vital components of our community; we are unique in our inclusion of elementary Kla ah men language instruction for our students. Through annual legacy projects, our students and school strengthens our connection to the Tla'amin nation and heritage.

In 2010, James Thomson welcomed its first French Immersion students to the school with a Kindergarten/Gr.1 class. This program grew to span Grades K through 7 in the 2016-2017 school year; offering instruction to students in either French or English throughout their years at the school. We are the only elementary school in the District that is a trilingual school.

 Our May Day celebration is a part of our Wildwood tradition and the Maypole Friendship dance and May Day parade are highlights of our year.  James Thomson is fortunate to have strong parent involvement in the school's activities and traditions. Parent volunteers are an integral part of the school garden activity, Farm to School feasts, and the school's breakfast program.

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Our school mascot is the eagle and our motto is:
You Have to Believe to Achieve!
Klahsum kwath kwy yehgon ooksum kwol ee!
Vous devez croire pour atteindre!