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14-15 basic school supply list, intermediate.pdf
14-15 basic school supply list, primary.pdf
19-20 Week 1 Info for Students and Parents .pdf
2014 04 16 Egg Drop Challenge.pdf
2014 05 23 Parent Notice re Strike.pdf
2014 05 25 Information for Parents on BCTF Strike.pdf
2014 05 27 District Events Cancellations.docx
2014 05 27 District Events Cancellations.pdf
2014 05 30 Parent Notice re Strike June 5 and Pro- June 4, 2014.pdf
2014 06 11 Notice to Parents regarding June 13-14.pdf
2014 06 12 Notice to Parents.pdf
2014 10 07 PAC breakfast coordinator plea.pdf
2014 10 16 PAC Carnival Flyer.pdf
2014 10 31 Time Change Notice.pdf
2014 11 17 Sports Day Handout.pdf
2014 11 18 PAC christmas order.pdf
2014 12 16 Christmas Lunch.pdf
2014 Halloween Carnival Volunteer Form.pdf
2015 09 11 BEAR AWARE.pdf
2015 April Hoodie Order.pdf
2015-2016 Supply Lists (all - revised).pdf
2016-2017 SD47 Student Supply Lists.pdf
2017 Fall Reporting Letter to Parents.pdf
2017-18 School Supply Lists (all).pdf
Adding a School Yapp.pdf
April 13th - Parent Weekly Update.pdf
April 19th - Parent Weekly Update.pdf
APRIL 2014 James Thomson Newsletter.pdf
April 2015 Newsletter.pdf
April 26th - Parent Weekly Update.pdf
April Calendar 2015.pdf
April Calendar 2016.pdf
April Calendar 2017.pdf
April Calendar 2018.pdf
April Calendar 2019.pdf
April Newsletter 2018.pdf
April Newsletter 2019.pdf
April Newsletter.pdf
April Newsletter2017.pdf
Aug 31 2017 Start-Up News.pdf
August 2014 Newsletter.pdf
Bear Safety.pdf
call for volunteers.pdf
Carnival Poster 2017.pdf
Carnival Request for Volunteers.pdf
Cooking class poster.pdf
Course Selection 2019-20 (Grade 8).pdf
Covid-19 update - March 17.pdf
December 18 Newsletter.pdf
December 2013 James Thomson Newsletter.pdf
December 2014 Newsletter.pdf
December Calendar 2014.pdf
December Calendar 2015.pdf
December Calendar 2016.pdf
December Calendar 2017.pdf
December Calendar 2018.pdf
December Calendar 2019.pdf
December Newsletter 2016.pdf
December Newsletter 2017.pdf
December Newsletter 2018.pdf
December Newsletter 2019.pdf
December Newsletter Xmas 2018.pdf
December Newsletter.pdf
DIGS garden schematic May 8.pdf
DIGS parent newsletter May 8 2012.pdf
F2S Oct 2012.pdf
Fall Cross Country Oct 2014.pdf
February 2014 James Thomson Newsletter.pdf
February 2015 Newsletter.pdf
February 2016.pdf
February 2017.pdf
February 2018 Calendar.pdf
February 2019 Calendar.pdf
February 2020 Calendar.pdf
February Calendar 2015.pdf
February Newsletter 2018.pdf
February Newsletter 2019.pdf
February Newsletter 2020.pdf
February Newsletter.pdf
February Newsletter2017.pdf
Gr. 5 and 6 complex passes.jpg
Grade 1 (French) 2017-18.pdf
Hot Lunch Order Form May 2013.pdf
James Thomson April 2014 Calendar.pdf
James Thomson Calendar 2019-2020.pdf
James Thomson Feb 2014 Calendar.pdf
James Thomson January 2014 Calendar.pdf
James Thomson June 2014 Calendar.pdf
James Thomson June 2015 Calendar.pdf
James Thomson March 2014 Calendar.pdf
James Thomson May 2014 Calendar.pdf
James Thomson PAC Election Notice 2015.pdf
January 2014 James Thomson Newsletter.pdf
January 2015 Newsletter.pdf
January 2016.pdf
January 2017.pdf
January Calendar 2015 Calendar.pdf
January Calendar 2018.pdf
January Calendar 2019.pdf
January Calendar 2020.pdf
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