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​​What about Socialization?"Socialization is actually meant to prepare children for the real world, which means learning to interact and deal with people of all ages, races, and backgrounds," says Diane Flynn Keith. "In this case, homeschooling actually does a better job of this because homeschoolers spend more actual time out in society." For more on this topic, see: . Despite the difference between 'Homeschooling' and 'Online Learning' outlined below, in regard to concerns about socialization, the effect is the same. 
​What about college/university?​PIE is a public Online Learning program so our students graduate with a Dogwood Diploma. Many of our students have gone on to higher education including: NIC, VIU, UVIC, UBC, TRU, York and UPEI; for a wide variety of undergrad and graduate studies.
What is the difference between 'Homeschooling' and 'Online Learning'?
​"Homeschooled children are registered at a school (public, francophone or independent school) in the province by September 30th each year​. Students are enrolled in a public or independent online learning program or school where the majority of the learning takes place at a distance." See more here: Online Learning
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