Texada Elementary School
A Whale Of A School
Parent Participation

Parent Advisory Council

The School Act makes provision for a Parent Advisory Council in each school. An executive is elected and a Constitution is outlined to guide the actions of this council. PAC meets once a month and discusses educational issues, parental concerns* and school projects of interest to the group. Parents of every student in this school are voting members, and community members may attend meetings.

Issues for PAC's attention are general questions, not about personnel or other students.

*Parents are reminded of the protocol by which concerns should be voiced: the classroom teacher, the principal, the superintendent.

School Based Team

Our School Based Team provides parents access to services at the school or district level. A teacher may refer students to the team; teachers, the principal, parents and other support staff meet to plan a program that supports students' needs. Parents may request a meeting to discuss their concerns for their child.