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This section of the school web site will be devoted to student information and resources, with the current collection of material expanding over time. If you have suggestions as to other types of resources you would like to see made available please forward your requests to info@sd47.bc.ca.

Dear Students,

This is a personal message for you:

  • Believe in yourself. You can do it!
  • Focus on your strengths.
  • Talk to your family members about your goals and what you are learning in school.
  • Read aloud to someone in your family for at least 15 minutes each night.
  • Visit the Public Library regularly.
  • Discuss your books and school work with your friends. They may have a new idea for you.
  • Have a work space at home where you can do your homework every night. It can be fun to decorate your own homework desk space.
  • Try and do your homework at the same time each night. Then you are always ahead of schedule.